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ProFecund pentru femei | Profecund

ProFecund stimulates female fertility
and provides the folic acid required before conceiving.​

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  • Regulates the menstrual cycle, stimulates ovulation, thus increasing the likelihood of pregnancy
  • Stimulates the woman’s libido and enhances the couple’s sex life
  • Prevents the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus


  • Female infertility due to menstrual cycle disorders and irregular ovulation
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Irregular ovulation due to menstrual cycle disorders


Vitex agnus-castus fruit extract

 40 mg

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) root extract

 200 mg


400 μg active folate (biologically active form of folic acid, found in its natural form in the human body, having a bioavailability for up to 100% women)


​Reccomendation for use

  • 1 tablet a day for at least 3 months (or according to the recommendations submitted by the Medical Specialist)

Prospect ProFecund


ProFecund stimulates female fertility by acting on three phases:​

For conceiving, it is vital that the woman has regular menstrual cycle and ovulation. Vitex Agnus Castus is able to restore and regulate the hormonal functions.  Vitex agnus-castus, also named chastity fruit, is one of the most effective plants for female hormonal system balancing, and has been used for over 2500 de years. Vitex is deemed an excellent uterine tonic and has good effects for treating the female genital problems, being an aphrodisiac at the same time. It is believed that it stimulates female libido and acts as aphrodisiac for men. However, experts succeeded in managing the plant’s ability to regulate the ovarian secretion and restore the endocrine balance. It is one of the most effective remedies for increasing female fertility. The hormonal balance is vital for conception.

Vitex is not a hormone and nevertheless, it acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland (hypophysis), leading to specific hormonal secretion or conveying chemical signals required to the ovaries, for releasing estrogen and progesterone. Vitex determines an increase of the luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion to the degree the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) secretion decreases. Thus, Vitex accentuates the hormones involved in ovulation, participating in restoring the hormonal balance. More particularly, Vitex is effective for adjusting the pituitary gland function and rendering the estrogen and progesterone levels normal. Vitex is extremely effective in supporting the ovulation regulation and as consequence, in enhancing female fertility.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a natural aphrodisiac improving sexual dynamics and promoting sexual function in women. As well, it restoes fertility by regulating the menstrual cycle and stimulating the ovulation.

Maca is a heart-shaped root of a vegetable in the Brassicaceae family (Cruciferae) resembling radish, but reaching the size of sweet potato. Its color ranges from cream or light pink to purple or black. Maca is cultivated at the highest altitude in the world, in the Peruvian mountains, at 4,100 m. That root is often used as medicinal plant, after grinding and turning it into powder, as well as the main ingredient in some food supplements.

Maca has fatty acids, calcium, vitamins B1, B2, and B12, the latter playing a vital part in the digestion process. The fatty acids in the Maca root help increase body immunity, while phosphorous and vitamins B1 and B12 contribute to enhancing the nervous system of the body. Maca root also has alkaloids, which help with the optimum assimilation of certain nutrients in the body. 

Maca is an adaptogen, a collection of factors helping restore the body homeostasis, with specific impact on the hormonal balance, improving the ovarian activity and sexual dynamics. Physical and mental tonic, it helps surpass fatigue symptoms, one of the conditions vital for maintaining optimal ovarian functions and reproductive ability. 

Folic acid is required beginning with pregnancy planning. The folic acid quantity must be ensured from the time of conception for preventing the increased folate need. Between the 21st and the 28th day of conception, the baby’s brain and spine (neural tube) begin developing, and the neural tube closes. During that time, many women are unaware of being pregnant.

In the body, the folic acid is metabolized in its biologically active form, that being folates. Quatrefolic is the naturally active form of folates in the human body. That is why Quatrefolic is available directly to the body, being better metabolized than the folic acid.



Hey! I am Izabela 30 and I have a boy that will turn 6 next month. I want to confess that I?ve hoped to become pregnant for 6 years and nothing happened. I went to doctors and I got all sorts of opinions including to wait? And here I am today due to profertilitate and their product Profecund. One month and 5 days of taking Profecund have helped me find out I was pregnant. Thank you so much. Ladies if you do not believe I am strongly recommending Profecund to you!
Hello! Let me tell you our story. After several years of failed attempts of conceiving last year I gave birth to a wonderful baby that made our life make sense. For the first child we had a lot of problems and we were both on treatments. My period was irregular and I was always in so much pain. I could never become pregnant. He was experiencing stress-related problems. Right now our son is 1 year and 8 months and we decided to have another baby. We chose Profecund after reading the stories of other families. I admit that I was reluctant to such a treatment but I thought we could give it a try. I bought three cases for myself and three for my husband. We didn?t even finish them because I got a positive test and I am already 5 weeks pregnant. Believe me I didn?t expect to see results so soon because we tried for several years to have the first child and underwent many treatments and investigations the both of us. I am recommending these products to all those wanting to conceive. And it would be best if you would both take them. It helped my husband on the ?mood? side he was always out of it and cranky. I believe that hormonal adjustment is necessary to all couples. I can hardly wait to hold my baby. We will go for an ultrasound soon.
Two months and three weeks of taking Profecund got me pregnant!
I also took Profecund for 2 months and found out today that I am pregnant! I had some problems, in the meaning that I had a miscarriage last year and then couldn?t become pregnant. May God give us all health!
I became pregnant after exactly 2 months of taking Profecund! I?m sorry for some ladies that distrust the product just because it didn?t happen to them. Probably they?re experiencing more severe problems that Profecund is unable to solve. I am very happy today. Thank you! Good luck and first of all, to all those really wanting, have faith!
After only one case of Profecund, I found out today that I am pregnant after 7-8 months of trying to conceive. Thank you so much for creating this product and I thank my gynecologist for prescribing it to me! We are very happy!
One more pregnancy test and here it is! Two lines! Profecund helped me become pregnant! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice and for the trust you gave me. I would also want other women to know that Profecund does work and they should give it a try. Maybe it will help them too. I struggled to conceive for three years. My menstrual cycles was quite regular, I ovulated, but it just didn?t happen. I succeeded only after trying Profecund. I still can?t believe it!
You are the first to hear the good news: I?m pregnant! I have never been as happy as I am now! Thank you for recommending Profecund, for the advice you gave me and for giving me trust that my dream will come true! Profecund is wonderful! Keep up the good work!
It works! I had polycystic ovaries and menstrual cycle only 3-4 times a year. After 4 months of taking Profecund, my period became regular, every 29 days, and I even managed to find out my fertile days. I took Profecund for some other three months and got pregnant! If you experience menstruation and ovulation problems, as I did, I?m recommending Profecund!
I am ecstatic! I just had a pregnancy test and finally, it came out positive! I've been taking Profecund since March and I was on the brink of losing hope that it would help me become pregnant. However, I felt great while taking it, my period became regular, and I had no more pains, so I kept going. I'm so happy that I didn't give up!
Almost 4 months later! Thank you! I really didn?t believe it would happen, after all that time?I?ve been doing ovulation tests since July. In November, I got one ovulation test positive. I didn?t get pregnant. It was the same in December. And that?s when it happened. Lots of luck for the future! I was happy to recommend Profecund to a colleague too. I had two blisters left, from my fourth case, and I gave them to her. I sure hope that all will be well and we will all be in good health!
After one and half months of treatment, I tried for two days in a row and I just found out we will have a baby! I don?t know how? I have polycystic ovaries and adnexitis? But I did it! I hope it will be ok and I will be able to carry the pregnancy to term and that we will both be ok! Thank you Profecund! I recommend it to all. It?s really good! I took just 11 pills and my menstrual cycle became regular. Half a case helped me get pregnant?which was impossible given my ovaries and conditions. I got pregnant out of the first try! So, Profecund rocks!
This year, my husband got the most wonderful Christmas present...two lines on my first pregnancy test, which I took after one month of Profecund treatment. Thank you for the most precious present of this year!
I also took ProFecund for 1 month and I got pregnant. I am now 8 weeks pregnant. I tried for 3 years before and failed to conceive. I truly recommend it to everybody!
I too used Profecund and after 2 years of hoping, I got pregnant. I took it for just one month, and then I got pregnant.. I am now the happiest woman in the world! I will soon hold my daughter. I took Profecund after several checkups and antibiotic treatments because they kept telling me I had an infection, a fungus, etc., or that it was my husband?s fault. I began taking the pills in May. Thank you!
I used ProFecund for one and a half months, and then I got pregnant. I don?t know exactly the reason for not conceiving?many doctors, lots of opinions? They said I would never conceive, that my Fallopian tubes were blocked, that it was my husband?s fault? I got him ProFecund B too. I took Profecund for just one month. It made my period regular and I noticed it also enhanced my sex drive. I read it also contained folic acid, which a future mother needed. You can use my testimony on your website, I really don?t mind because it?s the truth, not just a commercial. Profecund is a treatment that really works. I succeeded to become a mother after 9 years! Thank you and may God give all women the joy we are experiencing right now! Happy Holidays and best of luck!
I?m a mommy-to-be too and I also took ProFecund. I?m 7 months pregnant and will have a baby girl. My husband and I tried to conceive for 5 years. I was told that we were both in good health but it was in vain, I couldn?t get pregnant. That was until when I found a good doctor, who prescribed Profecund to me. She said it was great and would make my menstrual cycle regular, while also eliminating the tummy aches I had. More, that it would be great for fertility. I took ProFecund for 2 months.
I have been taking them for almost one month and I felt much better during my last period than I did before. My menstrual pains were not that powerful and my period came as scheduled. Until this point, I am very pleased. I hope that I will be able to share with you the good news and that I will also get pregnant. Thank you Profertilitate for helping me discover Profecund!
Girls, I have been taking Profecund for one month. I finished one case and began with the second. Please be aware that it works. I ovulated recently and my doctor confirmed it today, during the checkup.
I took a pregnancy test this morning and to my surprise?2 lines. That?s after taking one case of Profecund. Three and a half years ago, I had a miscarriage when I was 8 weeks pregnant and I got PCOS as diagnosis. I took birth control pills, Duphaston, several teas, Myo Sun, and I went to several clinics for checkups?but nothing happened? Thank you Profecund! I will recommend your pills with all my heart.
Profecund is great! When I got my period, I was in such terrible pains... I?ve felt positive results although I?ve been taking it for only one month.
Thank you for your advice! By the help of ProFecund treatment, I got pregnant after 4 years of trying to conceive.?
Four months from now, I?ll be a mommy! For over 10 years, I did everything in my power not to get pregnant, and when I finally wanted to, I couldn?t. I went to tens of checkups and treatments, but to no avail. I then discovered Profecund, I read about its ingredients and I decided on my own that I should try it. And here I am, pregnant after only 4 months of taking the treatment. Profecund is a great product! Thank you!
I got pregnant for the second time by the help of Profecund. I gave birth to my first daughter in January 2014 and after she turned one, we tried to conceive again. I would have expected that to happen as fast as it did the first time, but over one year passed and nothing happened. The doctor kept telling me I was ok and that I should just wait. How long could I wait? I always wanted two children and I wanted that the age difference between them be little. I had heard of some fertility products, but they were very expensive. And then a friend told me of Profecund and I started taking it. Two months. That was all and I got pregnant. I couldn?t believe it! I am sorry I didn?t find out of Profecund sooner. It really is a good product! I am 3 months pregnant and can?t wait to hold my baby! Thank you!
Thank you Profecund! I am 27 weeks pregnant. I took the pills following my gynecologist?s recommendations. I have been struggling to conceive for many years. Last year, I had a spontaneous abortion. I then followed the treatment another doctor prescribed, with Duphaston, Normens, Aspenter and Magne B6. I took Normens for 6-8 months. I don?t even know why I gave all medicines up, at some point. Then, I took Profecund, which my wonderful doctor Donata Kacori in Oltenita, Calarasi County, recommended. I didn?t even finish the 1+1 package and the two lines showed on my pregnancy test. I took Profecund for 5 weeks at the most.Thank you and I hope that my best friend will get pregnant too. She has been taking Profecund for 3 months.
After one year of trying to conceive, I succeeded because of Profecund. Three months of treatment and I got pregnant. Thank you for giving me the joy of motherhood!
I?m 20 weeks pregnant and I managed to conceive by the help of Profecund.?Since two years ago, that being the length of the relationship between my husband and me, I?ve been trying to get pregnant by all means possible but to no avail. I was unaware of any fertility problems on my side, but my husband?s test results were not too good and he was recommended to take Profertil. He took it for 5 months, but nothing happened and we decided to stop that treatment because it was pretty expensive.Then, earlier this year, we went for a checkup at Doctor Daniela Uzdris who found some ovulation problems and recommended that I would take Profecund. I must admit I was pretty reluctant at first, being a product made only of plants, especially given that I had drank teas before and nothing helped. In February, Profecund was hard to find in pharmacies, but I was lucky enough and found a promotional package. When I saw the price, I couldn?t believe it! The treatment my husband took before was very expensive, but Profecund is affordable. I used it for two months and I found out I was pregnant when I had only two pills left in the second case. I think I took 4-5 pregnancy tests at home and I couldn?t believe my eyes! I didn?t expect to get pregnant that easy. I am very happy with Profecund and ever since the miracle happened, I have been recommending it to all women wanting to conceive. The thing is not to lose hope and have faith that a plant product can help you.

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Dr. Uzdris Daniela:
Obstetric-gynecology specialist; Colposcopy competence and obstetrical ultrasound - gynecology
We have appreciated ProFecund since its launch, for its natural formula, based on the combined effect of two plants, supplemented with bioactive folic acid. I recommended the product to a high number of patients who stated that they wanted a baby and in a period of two to six months of administration, most of my patients were able to conceive after taking this product. Some of them already followed, along with my recommendation, treatment with NorMens to regulate the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Dr. Vasilescu George Stefan:
Primary obstetrician - gynecology; Competence in the treatment of couple infertility and assisted human reproduction
Primary obstetrician - gynecology; Competence in the treatment of couple infertility and assisted human reproduction We have used ProFecund both during pregnancy and pregnancy for a pregnancy assisted reproductive technique. After 3 months of use, the rate of getting a pregnancy naturally increased in patients with infertility for more than 3 years. For in vitro fertilization treatments, the results were more measurable especially in those who benefited from this reproductive technique in the past but also after the preparatory treatment with ProFecund. Thus, in patients with poor ovocitary quality at preovulatory pre-treatment pre-treatment with Profecund, an increase in maturation rate and ovocority was observed after the combination of Maca and Vitex (ProFecund). The FIV + ProFecund pregnancy rate was higher than the IVF pregnancy rate as the only therapy method. In terms of male hypopartity, the main component of ProFecund B, Maca, along with coenzyme Q10, zinc and selenium, resulted in an increase in both sperm counts and their motility, the main components to be considered especially when we were tempted to obtain a Tasks by nature. Complex products, which combine well-known, studied and science-dosed natural components, ProFecund and ProFecund B, respectively, open a new pathway and opportunity in the delicate treatment of couple hypo-fertility.