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ProFecund pentru barbati | Profecund

ProFecund B enhances male fertility,
increasing and improving the semen production in men.

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  • Improves male fertility problems (azoospermia, asthenospermia, oligospermia, and teratospermia)
  • Increases the semen production in men
  • Increases the ability to withhold physical and mental stress, a vital condition for maintaining the optimal testicular functions and the reproductive ability
  • Improves sexual dynamics and performance in men


  • Male infertility problems caused by low semen production
  • Sexual dynamics disorders in men


Maca (Lepidium meyenii) root extract

 200 mg

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins

 60 mg

Q10 coenzyme  10 mg

Zinc (from Lynside Forte® 100k Zn)

 10 mg

Selenium (from Lynside Forte® Seleniu 2000+)  55 μg


Reccomendation use

  • 1 table a day, for at least 3 months (or according to the recommendation of the Medical Specialist)

Prospect ProFecund B


ProFecund B stimulates male fertility and supports the normalization of the male reproductive function by various mechanisms. It is a powerful antioxidant. Its ingredients act as indicated below:​

Maca is a plant cultivated for over 2,000 in the central region of Andes, in Peru, at altitudes between 4,000 and 4,500 m. Its roots have been used for centuries as food and as well, for increasing fertility in men and domesticated animals.

Maca is a natural aphrodisiac. Its effects of enhancing sexuality and fertility are well-known. Several medical surveys confirmed that Lepidium meyenii improves spermatogenesis from the point of view of sperm count and their motility.  

Physical and mental tonic, Maca helps surpass fatigue symptoms, one of the vital conditions for maintaining the optimum testicular functions and the reproductive ability.

Zinc is a mineral found in every cell of the human body. It has a vital importance in supporting and developing the reproductive system in men. In most cases, the zinc intake is ensured by a balanced diet. However, some persons might experience zinc deficiency caused by assimilating an insufficient daily dose of that element (from diet).

Zinc plays a vital role in promoting fertility for both genders. Women with zinc deficiency can suffer of ovulation problems or even its absence. Lacking ovulation, conception cannot take place. In men, lack of zinc is connected to loss of libido and impotence. As well, low zinc intake can lead to the testicles not working properly.

Lynside Forte® Zn 100K contains dry inactive yeast and active biological zinc (at least 100,000-120,000 µg per gram Zn). Such zinc pre-activation facilitates its cellular assimilation. The product has a higher nutritional value by the yeast intake, which is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers.

By its zinc content, Lynside Forte® Zn 100K has positive effects on fertility and reproductive capacity, contributing to the regular operation of the immune system, optimal DNA synthesis and customary cell division.

Selenium is a strong natural antioxidant. It prevents lesions, ageing and destruction of cells. There are positive results connected to using selenium for sexuality and male infertility-connected matters; research has proved that it increases spermatogenesis rate and enhances sperm motility.

Selenium also contributes to the operation of the thyroid gland and adequate working of the cardiovascular system and peripheral circulation.

For reaching the desired effects, two forms of selenium are used in food supplements: organic and 100% mineral. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the yeast included in Lynside Forte® Se+, grows in the presence of sodium selenite, which enriches that yeast by organic selenium, particularly L-Selenomethionine. That type of organic selenium has a bioavailability twice as high and is less toxic, by comparison to the inorganic selenium forms. As well, it maintains the regular selenium levels in the body for longer periods of time.



Hello! Let me tell you our story. After several years of failed attempts of conceiving, last year I gave birth to a wonderful baby that made our life make sense. For the first child, we had a lot of problems and we were both on treatments. My period was irregular and I was always in so much pain. I could never become pregnant. He was experiencing stress-related problems. Right now, our son is 1 year and 8 months and we decided to have another baby. We chose Profecund after reading the stories of other families. I admit that I was reluctant to such a treatment, but I thought we could give it a try. I bought three cases for myself and three for my husband. We didn?t even finish them because I got a positive test and I am already 5 weeks pregnant. Believe me, I didn?t expect to see results so soon, because we tried for several years to have the first child and underwent many treatments and investigations, the both of us. I am recommending these products to all those wanting to conceive. And it would be best if you would both take them. It helped my husband on the ?mood? side, he was always out of it and cranky. I believe that hormonal adjustment is necessary to all couples. I can hardly wait to hold my baby. We will go for an ultrasound soon.
I used ProFecund for one and a half months, and then I got pregnant. I don't know exactly the reason for not conceiving?many doctors, lots of opinions? They said I would never conceive, that my Fallopian tubes were blocked, that it was my husband's fault? I got him ProFecund B too. I took Profecund for just one month. It made my period regular and I noticed it also enhanced my sex drive. I read it also contained folic acid, which a future mother needed. You can use my testimony on your website, I really don't mind because it's the truth, not just a commercial. Profecund is a treatment that really works. I succeeded to become a mother after 9 years! Thank you and may God give all women the joy we are experiencing right now! Happy Holidays and best of luck!
Three months after beginning the Profecund treatment, I got pregnant. Thank you very much! My doctor prescribed it to me for helping with my irregular menstruation and ovulation. A child is a blessing and a dream come true!

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Dr. Uzdris Daniela:
Obstetric-gynecology specialist; Colposcopy competence and obstetrical ultrasound - gynecology
We have appreciated ProFecund since its launch, for its natural formula, based on the combined effect of two plants, supplemented with bioactive folic acid. I recommended the product to a high number of patients who stated that they wanted a baby and in a period of two to six months of administration, most of my patients were able to conceive after taking this product. Some of them already followed, along with my recommendation, treatment with NorMens to regulate the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Dr. Vasilescu George Stefan:
Primary obstetrician - gynecology; Competence in the treatment of couple infertility and assisted human reproduction
Primary obstetrician - gynecology; Competence in the treatment of couple infertility and assisted human reproduction We have used ProFecund both during pregnancy and pregnancy for a pregnancy assisted reproductive technique. After 3 months of use, the rate of getting a pregnancy naturally increased in patients with infertility for more than 3 years. For in vitro fertilization treatments, the results were more measurable especially in those who benefited from this reproductive technique in the past but also after the preparatory treatment with ProFecund. Thus, in patients with poor ovocitary quality at preovulatory pre-treatment pre-treatment with Profecund, an increase in maturation rate and ovocority was observed after the combination of Maca and Vitex (ProFecund). The FIV + ProFecund pregnancy rate was higher than the IVF pregnancy rate as the only therapy method. In terms of male hypopartity, the main component of ProFecund B, Maca, along with coenzyme Q10, zinc and selenium, resulted in an increase in both sperm counts and their motility, the main components to be considered especially when we were tempted to obtain a Tasks by nature. Complex products, which combine well-known, studied and science-dosed natural components, ProFecund and ProFecund B, respectively, open a new pathway and opportunity in the delicate treatment of couple hypo-fertility.